Hero's & Princesses

Illinois hero and princess pictures that rock!  You are a Dreamer, filled with an incredible mind full of fantasies that we all grow up wanting to save the world or be that princess in the arms of her hero. These Hero and Princess sessions are one of the finest memory makers around. Why not have something your family will cherish forever. 

Here at Loker Photography, in Effingham Illinois, we are creating something so much bigger than a pictures, we are beginning the creation of the legacy you will leave as you finish your years of life. Years from now, when these everyday moments are fond memories, you have grown in your years and your life seems to continue on and develop to be something amazing; these are the moments you are going to spend trying to remember and relive. Where it all started. These are the moments we spend our life waiting for and to be living right in the middle of them, is something that should be celebrated.  We create amazing fantasy portraits in south central Illinois region. 

When you glance back at your images that we've soulfully created, we want that smile on your face to glow knowing you had the best fantasy picture experience around all the while changing the world with your story. 

Get on our list now, we accept only 35 Hero's or Princesses a year to ensure we give each one the best experience around with the highest quality of prints and products for you and your family to enjoy. 

Book now by calling 217-690-1963 or email info@lokerphotography.com