Photography Workshops

Want to take your lighting to the next level? Don't know where to start? Hate fumbling through camera settings, then off camera flash gear and posing and it becomes overwhelming? We have you covered. We'll help break down the steps of OCF (off camera flash) with starting points to make it simple from start to end. 

I don't like bragging about myself but I will share what others have said after taking one of my classes! I think it's more important to hear from others than myself. I am humbled by all the unique and encouraging words! 


As a photographer myself, I love learning from Nathan. He has a way of breaking down information and making it so easy to understand and apply. His personality is super fun, it’s easy to see why so many people love this guy! Can’t wait for his next workshop! // Sara Palas

Extremely talented and PROFESSIONAL photographer. Super nice, respectful and knowledgeable! He UNDERSTANDS light & exposure to create the perfect picture or work of art.I just recently took a workshop about OCF- off camera flash with an emphasis on sports pictures and the ease of setup taught by Nathan. Wow, he’s a great teacher!! I walked away from the day with a better understanding of using flash plus some great and unique ideas about posing. AND he’s just an all around great guy! // Linda Drish

Nathan was so fun to learn from and easy to understand for all levels of ability. Totally loved my class and learned a ton of ideas. // Dianna Rucker


Want to book? Contact us for either a One-on-One workshop or USA locations throughout the year!